The volunteers will be assisting and supporting the ambassadors in each category, completely integrated within the programme. In the future, volunteers have the possibility to be ambassadors themselves. They will be given tasks that assist the overall project and their core team. Once you display your interest, you will be contacted for further opportunities.

Volunteer Introduction

Different Roles of Volunteering

Discover all the different ways you can get involved with Let’s Connect virtual programme through volunteer work. Discover the different roles of volunteering and the possibilities involved.

CO-HOST Ambassador

Ambassador / Co-host

Ambassadors are the selected individuals that represent a category. A co-host will be chosen to take part in the sessions along with the ambassador. Together, they will share vital messages with the community, demonstrating inclusion and that this programme is truly set up for all to partake, regardless of ability, nationality or income.

Programme Volunteer

The volunteers will be assisting and supporting the ambassadors in each category.

Programme Volunteer
Corporate Volunteer

Corporate Volunteer

These volunteers are a group of people that could be working for the same company. They would take part in social contribution and team building activities, volunteering their time for the programme while helping to raise important topics of conversation within our communities.

School Volunteer

Schools will participate in the programme by allowing their students to attend webinars or participate in various Let’s Connect virtual programme’s activities. The programme engages these students by promoting innovative solutions and critical thinking, allowing students to develop important life skills.

School Volunteer

Whom the programme benefits

People of

A big part of the programme, people of determination will be integrated as co-hosts. In the next round of the programme they will also get the chance to be hosts.

People selected by partners or stakeholders

Selected individuals will work with the ambassadors on challenges or share their experience in regards to the category they were chosen to represent.

People from varying backgrounds

Spanning many different nationalities and walks of life, the people participating in Let’s Connect exemplify the diversity of Abu Dhabi.


As the majority of Abu Dhabi’s population is comprised of young people, the topics of the programme are largely curated for their needs and interests.

Deliquesce Transformational

These particular people will assist the programme by helping whoever is going through hardships. They can assist in speeding up their recovery and setting good goals in life.

Senior Citizens and

Co-hosting sessions with seniors and the elderly will give this social group the opportunity to share their knowledge by participating in the programme.


At the UAE Volunteer Platform, we believe a solid foundation for a nation is a society that understands the value of giving. To ensure volunteering in the UAE achieves maximum social impact across all seven Emirates, and volunteers can operate easily in an enabling environment, the UAE Volunteer Platform – the first and largest smart, nationwide platform – operates a comprehensive, proactive program of development and regulation.

Essentially, the aim of the Platform is to grow the UAE volunteer community, whereby volunteers can match their skills and competencies with volunteer opportunities provided by public and private sector organization across all Emirates.. Volunteers can specify interests and availability, while entities with volunteering needs can post vacancies according to specific categories and requirements.

Joint Community