How to find my talent: examples & tips

Abu Dhabi places connecting cultures and inspiring generations to embark on journeys of creativity and discovery at its core. Inspiring generations to nurture skills, fall in love with innovation and find their special gift. And everyone has the ability to develop a unique talent – regardless of age or gender. That talent is not necessarily just a gift you are born with.


What is a talent and what is a skill?

Finding a talent can be tricky. Some will say that it is attributed to learning, others will contend that it is a result of genetics. We can define talent as a special capability that potentially leads an individual to success. A talent comes naturally while a skill is developed through learning and practice.


Examples of Talents and Skills: 

  • Dancing
  • Writing
  • Digital Art
  • Researching
  • Investing
  • Brainstorming
  • Inspiring
  • Self-managing
  • Networking
  • Painting or drawing
  • Innovating
  • Listening
  • Sport
  • Negotiating
  • Programming

With a little devotion, effort and hard work, you can nurture your skills. But where do you start to find that talent?


1. Look to your passions

Start your search for your hidden talent by looking at your passions. Ask yourself: what do you enjoy; what ignites that fire inside you? Perhaps you really enjoy football; maybe you seek pleasure from causally writing in your journal; or is completing tricky puzzles and problem-solving more your thing?

Once you’ve established that, think about what common factors underpin the things you enjoy.

  • Do you find yourself drawn towards creativity?
  • Or do you tend to side with more practical ways of thinking?

These are all really good places to start, and it will help if the talent you want to develop is something you actually enjoy doing. You might surprise yourself – you could have been sitting on your special talent for quite a while.


2. Look to the past for talent tips

Alternatively, if none of your current hobbies seems to spark your skill (remember, it is okay for hobbies to be merely for enjoyment), try exploring your past for some inspiration. What were you good at when you were younger? Were you successful in a sport or creative pursuit that you ultimately grew out of? Don’t be afraid to pick up something you once loved again. It’s time to explore it, fall back in love and take it to the next level.


3. Try something new

What if you don’t have a hobby you’d consider a favourite, and no past event sticks out in your mind? Then try something new. No exceptional talent ever came about by chance. Have a look in your local area and see what grabs your attention. Perhaps an exercise class at The Room looks intriguing, or maybe an open day at ADU is one to consider. Every professional athlete, artist or scientist had to start somewhere. Your unique talent can be taught and learnt – no matter your age. That leads us nicely into our next point.


4. Nurture your natural skill

By now, you’ve hopefully pinpointed something with the potential to become your special talent. And hopefully, it’s something you love to do or enjoy doing. But what’s next? It’s time to hone your skill – practice really does make perfect. Putting in consistent time and effort will awaken your gift. Here are a few ideas to help:

  • Return to study and join a course: a great way to practice your knowledge and expand your skillset. For a short course and other training programmes, look to Skill Souq or Alternatively, if a university or college course sounds like something you’d like to try, both the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi Universities host a great selection and wide variety of courses to choose from. Gaining qualifications in your chosen skill will prove beneficial in opening doors to other similar opportunities where you can continue to learn and grow your expertise.
  • Head to Zayed Sports City and learn a new sport – from figure skating to tennis, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
  • Explore your creativity and learn from other artists: if studying from a textbook in a traditional educational setting isn’t for you, why not join a workshop? Brush up on your oil painting abilities or pottery techniques at Manarat Al Saadiyat; get to know the ins and outs of yoga, or consider taking to the sky and earn your private pilot license – the options are endless.
  • Nurture your business skills at the ADGM Academy. Make this the year of levelling up your skills.
  • Let’s Connect: immerse yourself in a world of culture and creativity within your community and experience a great sense of belonging with our virtual programme, Let’s Connect. Ignite your passion for your skill and work collaboratively to celebrate it. And it gets better – you can participate in our exciting initiatives and gain the chance to win incredible prizes.


5. And finally, don’t give up

Everyone has a special talent – sometimes you’ve just got to look a little harder. Don’t be disheartened if a hobby or skill doesn’t stick straight away. As we mentioned earlier, practice makes perfect. Sometimes you’ve got to take risks and try something new. If you need a little help, try this ‘how to find my secret talent’ test.

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