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Mastering Your Life

From business coaching tips on managing stress to building your career tips and advice, here you’ll find loads of exciting content that will help you master your life.

It’s true, the last year or so has perhaps been more challenging than what we are used to. However this does not mean that we’ve stopped evolving personally and professionally. In fact, there are many who have used this opportunity to push the boundaries and expand their horizons, learning new skills, adapting to new ways of doing business and finding creative ways to cope with any situation.
Let’s Connect is stepping up to drive self-confidence and build innovative mindsets to respond to today’s challenges.
From managing stress to building your career, here you’ll find loads of exciting content that will help you master your life.

Ambassador for Business & Coaching Activities

Arsalan Al Hashimi


Arsalan is a High Performance Master Coach who works with people that are driven and looking to go to the next level. He had an illustrious corporate and government career and worked on multibillion dollar projects in the aviation and transportation industries, in Marcomms, Project Management and Strategy. He brings the valuable lessons of these experiences into his coaching technique and have developed The Ascension Method after extensive research and training, to guide high achievers towards reaching their full potential.


  • Life coaches people to success
  • Active member of the community
  • Partakes in various community events
  • Valuable business coach