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One of a city’s most defining characteristics is its arts and culture scene.

Abu Dhabi knows a thing or two about that! This pick-me-up series of activities and challenges shines a light on some of our home-grown talent in the aim to awaken creativity and spark some smiles. Tune in to this series, get involved in cultural events and win some prizes!

With the Arts & Culture category, Let’s Connect promotes creative thinking, collaboration, and raises conversations of the ever-changing entertainment, arts & culture scene.

Ambassador for Arts & Culture



Shayma is a figure skater and a social media blogger. Growing up in Abu Dhabi, Shayma tried different hobbies such as ballet, singing, piano, and has eventually fallen in love with the artistic sport, figure skating. Shayma aims to be different from the other influencers as she is passionate about community work and giving back to our community. During COVID19 Shayma stared a series of videos to keep residents engaged that brought laughter to many people during the difficult times.


  • Figure Skater
  • Ambitious in her career to become a TV host
  • Passionate about community work
  • Engaging content for her followers